The 9 Best Beach Towels for Keeping it Cool This Summer

Let us start off by saying that narrowing our search for the coolest beach towels was no easy feat. There are so many cool beach towels. So. Many. These towels come in all shapes and sizes, and prices (ahem, we see you there, Dolce & Gabbana).

As holiday season rolls around and you start counting down the days until your most arduous task is rolling over to get an even tan, make sure you’ve got all the essentials to have an utterly relaxing vacation.There’s nothing worse than showing up to the pool and being stuck with your hotel’s bog-standard, boring white towel. What’s that smell? Has this thing been washed?

At the very least, these colourful beach towels will serve as an excellent marker for remembering where you’ve left your stuff, so when the lifeguard yells ‘Shark!’ you can run safely to shore, grab your things and thank your lucky stars you’ve made it to dry land.¬†Then you can pat those beads of sweat dry and look incredibly suave while doing so.

The great thing about investing in a wild beach towel is that there are no fashion risks associated. Not like that time you came home with a scandalously revealing onesie that you were forced to buy at the market because you don’t understand bartering and crack under the slightest pressure (this is definitely not a personal anecdote or anything like that…). A fun beach towel is just that – a way to add a little extra fun to your time in the sun. Unless you don’t like fun things, in which case we’d gladly unburden you of those seven days in The Seychelles…

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