Patent Mini Skirts

Thanks to Anthony Vacarello at Saint Laurent, patent leather is back and in a big way. Expect to see this high-sheen, 80s-esque material everywhere in the coming months, but before you start channeling Pretty Women, there’s really only one piece that you need to make this style work for you. The patent mini skirt offers a way to reinterpret what’s on the runway in a totally wearable, seasonally appropriate way.

At The Serve, we always gravitate toward pieces that are versatile. And the patent mini skirt is just that. It’s bold. There’s no doubt about that, but it works for any occasion. The simple, classic design means it’s adaptable. Wear it with a pair of sharp stilettos and a white shirt for a striking office look, or pair it with crisp white trainers and your favourite tee for laid back style on your off-duty days. It can even transition through the seasons. Just pop on a chunky jumper; the contrasting textures are on point for next fall. Look at you, so ahead of the game…

Because of patent leather’s consistency (faux and real alike), the skirt holds its structure, meaning it looks good on everyone. If you’re worried about whether or not you can still pull off a mini skirt, the answer is yes. The key is to choose a length that you feel comfortable with so you don’t have to walk around with one hand holding the back down in case a breeze picks up. What’s more, a breeze is no match for this strong stuff.

Now you might be thinking “patent leather for summer? Bring out the talcum powder,” but a patent mini skirt will give you enough breathing room that you won’t have to worry about getting stuck to it.

The patent mini is one of the best investments you can make this spring. If you go by the old rule of dividing the price by the number of times you’ll wear it, it’s sure to have an outstanding cost-per-wear because of its ability to work so well in various outfit-uations.

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