The Best Straight-Leg White Jeans for Summer

White jeans are for everybody. Did we really just say everybody? Yes. Hear us out. White jeans, while commonly associated with being notoriously hard to pull off, are actually super easy to wear. We’ve just been doing it wrong.

White jeans have a long history of, well, taking up space in our closets. Each year, as the weather gets warmer, we reach into the dark depths of our wardrobes thinking, maybe this year they’ll look good. The answer? Almost always a resounding no.

Why? Because unless you’ve got a body like Emily Ratajkowski, tight white jeans just aren’t going to work. They don’t hide anything and emphasise the bits you’re probably most self-conscious about. But there’s good news. We’ve finally moved away from the skin-tight skinny jean, which means that opting for a pair in white won’t make you look like the Michelin Man.

However, we’ve been scarred. Every square inch of sense that occupies our skulls says ‘absolutely not. We know how this is going to turn out’. We get it. We felt the same until we actually tried on styles with a straight leg and the difference is awesome, invigorating, (insert reassuring descriptor here). With a looser fit, there’s room to breathe and move around. A looser fit also means a more relaxed silhouette, which is right smack on the mark for summer.

The shift away from skinnies makes sense. The style was never all that flattering, no matter your body type. A relaxed fit or straight leg style leaves more to the imagination than the skinnies of yesteryear, and therefore leaves you more room (pun intended) to play around with the colour, crop length and even what to wear on top, now that you’ve got a more balanced silhouette.

Embrace white denim once again with one of these straight-leg styles.

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