Breton Stripe T-Shirts

When it comes to off-duty style, the breton stripe shirt makes it so easy to nail. Chuck one of these bad boys on, add some jeans and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, which is why we’ve rated the iconic striped t-shirt as the one piece of clothing every guy should own. (Besides clean pants and socks, of course).

You don’t have to be a sea-faring He-man to pull off this nautical necessity. You really don’t need anything aside from a body to put it on. It’s a true classic. An unmistakable mastery of style. Why does the breton stripe tee work so harmoniously across the male gender? Perhaps it’s the top’s French Mariniere heritage. Perhaps it’s the simple square cut and thick cotton construction that looks good on everybody. Whatever that je ne sais quoi may be, one thing is for sure; this top never goes out of style. There’s a reason French label Saint James is still making the same design after 167 years.

It’s been snapped on everyone from Pablo Picasso to Marlon Brando, even Kurt Cobain and it takes zero effort to look good in. Need to dress it up? Just throw a blazer on top.

Here are the only mistakes you can make: don’t wear it with thick-rimmed glasses and a red bobble hat. And don’t wear it with a beret and a white gloves. Unless its Halloween. In which case, you can wear it with whatever you want. Or don’t wear anything at all. That would be scary.

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