High-Cut One Piece Swimsuits

Heat up the hot wax and brace yourselves. As holiday season creeps nearer, and the frequency at which you pretend to work while covertly looking for last minute flights to somewhere sunny increases, so will the cut of your swimsuit. Today we’re talking sky-high-cut one pieces.

This 80s and 90s phenomenon is back and taking over beaches everywhere. The world has gone bananas for Baywatch and it’s not because of the in-the-works Zac Efron remake (we don’t know whether to laugh or cry). There’s one simple reason for this. The high-cut one piece is actually very flattering. Here’s when you go, “Erm, what now?”

Let us explain:

By hiking up the cut on the hip, you’re adding that much more length to your leg, so the higher your swimsuit is cut, the longer your legs look. It’s a simple matter of proportion. And you thought your childhood maths classes were a waste of time…

The obviously downside here is the necessity to tend, rather diligently, to your nether regions. This, however, is outweighed by the miracle that showing a little (lot) more leg does for lengthening said leg.

So whether you’re looking for something basic or something wild to take you through your time in the sun, opt for a high-cut one piece. Here is our pick of the best beach-ready high-cut swimsuits.

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