Jogging Bottoms: The Trousers To Live In

Let us break this down for you as plainly and simply as possible: jogging bottoms (tracksuit trousers, joggers, whatever you choose to call them) are awesome because they are SO comfortable.

Nothing beats a lazy Saturday, on which you wake up, chuck on your most comfortable clothes and lounge idly on your sofa . Wouldn’t it be nice to experience that same comfiness outside your living room? Now you can put a pair of these on and go, dare we say it, outside, into the big bad world.

The retro trackie sits somewhere on the spectrum between the uber-formal tuxedo pant and the couldn’t-give-less-of-a-sh*t sweatpant. And because of its positioning, it balances perfectly between on and off-duty style.

Wear them to the office with a crisp white shirt and a pair of heels, or pop to the shops in a pair with trainers and your favourite tee. Keep them on when you wind down for the day and find yourself back on the sofa.

Jogging bottoms are trousers for life, and all aspects of it. The stretchy, loose-fitting bottoms are so comfortable, you might never want to take them off. We’re ok with that, and ‘Fashion’ is too. If you don’t believe us we’ll let the following brands speak for themselves.

The Serve recommends: