Knit Trousers

You won’t find a bead of sweat or finger lifted here. These glorified pyjama bottoms are taking the ‘ath’ out of athleisure. Say ‘hello’ to the knit trouser. The one word we’d use to describe them is versatile. They take ‘woke up like this’ to the next level and mix in that oft-coveted blasé off-duty model attitude with a dash of ‘hand me my Louis luggage I’m off to [insert exotic location here] and need to be well rested but still look amazing in case I’m papped when I arrive.’

Are knit trousers workwear approved? Yes. The words comfortable and professional don’t have to be at odds. Remember that bit about versatility? (see above) All you need is a pair of kitten heels to lift these bad boys out of your weekend wardrobe and into your strictly business one.