Magazine Racks for the Home

Magazine racks serve a very important purpose both in a cluttered home and a sparse one. A magazine rack is really a surface cleaner. We don’t mean some caustic chemical that will wipe everything clean, it’s simply a means to tidying up, quickly and easily.

For the messier folk, if you’ve got papers piling up in your designated ditching spot – the place where bills, receipts, post and items that don’t have a place stay until further notice – a magazine rack is a great alternative to, say, your kitchen table. When you’ve got minutes before your guests arrive and you’ve left that pile of god-knows-what till last because god knows what’s in it, sweep everything up in one fell swoop, place it neatly in a magazine rack and don’t worry, you’ll get to it eventually, later, sometime soon, maybe.

And for neat-freaks, minimalists and design aficionados alike, a magazine rack is like a display case that doesn’t take up space on your coffee table. If you live for a clean surface, but also want to have your collection of Kinfolks and coffee table books out for your perusal, make full use of a magazine rack. After all, that’s what they’re really made for.

Some sceptics might be thinking, “but won’t that make my lounge feel like a waiting room in a dentist’s office?” If you opt for pieces that are more design-y than office-y, there’s no chance, unless you fill it with pamphlets on dental hygiene. There’s no reason form and function can’t go hand in hand.

Pick a magazine rack that fits with the décor of your home – you don’t want something that will have too much of a presence or clash with the rest of your furnishings, but it should still be striking and considered.

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