Nine Classic Trainers You Can’t Go Wrong With

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The wrong shoes can send your style creds down into a plummeting spiral (insert cartoon crash sound effect here). We’re going out on a limb here to say that men have it way easier than women do when it comes to (most things, but in particular) good dress sense. All you need is a plain t-shirt, dark, well-fitting jeans, a pair of classic trainers and you’re good to go. However, if you manage to muck up the latter, you’re clearly in trouble. There’s nothing worse than bad shoes. Nothing.

If you’re guilty of committing this fashion faux-pas, rest assured. We’ve rounded up the nine best pairs of trainers that guarantee great style. Go ahead, put your feet up because with these kicks, it will be impossible to befoul your look as far as footwear is concerned.

These trainers are fail-safe because they simply do not go out of style. They’re time tested; Converse’s Jack Purcell trainers have been kicking around since the 1930s. They’re iconic; these are some of the most recognised sneakers that designers have been copying for decades. And they’re comfortable. Need we go on?

This is all stuff you probably already know. Chances are you have or have had at least one of these at some point in your life. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

What we’re really saying is, lace up with one of these pairs of trainers and you won’t have to think about whether or not your footwear is fashionable. These sneakers always will be.

We’re putting an end to Jeans and Sheux mishaps, one classic trainer at a time.

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