Pour Over Coffee Makers

You don’t need a BA in Barista Science to make a delicious cup of coffee. All you need is a pour over coffee maker. The mechanism is simple: pour hot water over ground coffee, out comes a fresh cup of joe.

Many a coffee snob (we all know one) will tell you there’s an art to making java. It’s a practice that goes back to the 15th Century Middle East. Since then it has advanced with new technologies and inventions – hugely expensive espresso machines, industrial-sized coffee makers, you get the idea. But the pour over is the poster child for less is more. You really don’t need complicated gadgets and futuristic apparatus to make a good cup of coffee.

So the process may take a tad longer than your Nespresso, but a manual dripper makes better, fresher coffee, will save you a pretty penny, and save the planet, too.

Making coffee with a pour over is a manual process, but that means you can make your own adjustments to find your perfect brew. Things like water temperature and the amount of coffee you use per cup will affect the flavour of the coffee, but since this method is cost-effective and eco-friendly, we encourage you to experiment.The real trick is find the right beans. Whole or pre-ground? Colombian or Kenyan? Just make sure it’s fair trade.

Delicious, flavourful, aromatic coffee served fresh every morning, in the comfort of your own home. That’s the dream isn’t it? With a pour over coffee maker, that dream can become a reality.

Coffee: lifeblood, sweet nectar of the gods. Where would we be without it? Most likely still asleep.

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