Quilted Jackets For Spring

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to pack away your winter coats in light of, well, something lighter – a spring jacket. With April around the corner, we’re reaching that on again off again time of year. That don’t know which jacket to bring because the weather is too unpredictable time of year. You invariably choose the wrong one and spend the whole day taking it off when you get too hot and putting it back on as soon as the wind blows.

We’re here to end your spring outerwear woes and introduce you to the cure-all quilted jacket. This nylon number is extremely light, but padded so it traps in the warmth of your body heat.

One of the many great things about this sporty classic is that it’s an all-weather jacket. It’s wind and water resistant and can be folded down when it’s no longer needed. Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Jacket even comes with its own little carrier bag.

A progression from the coat liner, the quilted jacket has evolved from various strands of outerwear, from the traditional hunting coat – diamond quilting is a key sign of this, to the street-sleek puffer, horizontal quilted and lots of down to be found here. Its roots even trace back to military garb. Though these beginnings couldn’t be more different, they all share one trait – they’ve been designed for efficiency’s sake. The quilted jacket is just that – efficient. It’s that jacket that you’ll throw on without giving it a thought. It’s that jacket that you’ll pick up because it goes with everything (in your casual wardrobe). It’s that jacket that you’ll keep hold of for years because it’ll never go out of style.

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