Retro Knickers – The Comfortable Cotton Briefs We’re Secretly Obsessed With

At The Serve we felt that good old-fashioned knickers were particularly relevant today, on International Women’s Day, because nothing says ‘I conform to the sex-pectations of the patriarchy’ more that an uncomfortable g-string severing our bodies straight up the middle. So we’re here to prove the exact opposite; that classic briefs – granny-panties, if you so choose to describe them – are equally as alluring if not even more so.

Whoever said high-waisted or full-coverage knickers weren’t sexy has obviously never seen Lost in Translation. Throughout the film, Scarlett Johansson parades around her hotel room sans trousers, in the most normal looking underwear and never looked more seductive. No, these pink Araks underwear do not have cut-outs or lace, or a lack thereof. They’re the ultimate ‘I refuse to go on an excavation mission to retrieve a wad of synthetic satin’ pants. They’re the ultimate ‘yes, I’m choosing comfort over porn star sex appeal’ pants. They’re sexy because they are the ultimate IDGAF pants. They’re real woman pants. They’re ‘everyday underwear’ and there’s no reason we shouldn’t feel sexy as hell, every damn day.

What’s really titillating about these retro knickers is the confidence that comes with wearing them. In films they’ve been used to represent vulnerability – think Liv Tyler in Empire Records, but we think it’s time to turn that notion on its head. We don’t expect men to think these pants are sexy. We love them because we think they’re sexy and we don’t care what men think. They are comfortable, which makes us feel confident and there’s nothing sexier than confidence. You can ask any member of the opposite sex about that.

Still not convinced? We’ll leave it to you to arrange lessons on how to be sexy like a real woman from Sofia Coppola, shall we?

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