Seashell-Shaped Handbags

It wasn’t our love for the beach that drew us to these nautically themed seashell handbags, although we do love anything that reminds us of warmer weather. We’ve recently become obsessed with these quirky accessories because they give us a way to interpret the mermaid trend that’s taken those youngsters by storm. Sure, we’ve fantasized about dying our hair lilac purple, pretended we can pull off a crop top, attempted to wear glittery makeup, but these efforts have been nothing but awkward if not constant reminders that we are simply not young/carefree enough to pull them off.

Then we stumbled upon these shell-shaped bags and fell in love. By now you might have noted our affinity toward anything animal-themed, and these clutches and crossbodies ticked that box. But we also love that the seashell is a classic fashion staple. From scalloped hems to shell beading, the seashell has forever been a mainstay for embellishment and an inspiration for design.

Think of the seashell purse as a larger-than-life adaptation of this fashion icon. Whether you’re looking for something outlandish or something timeless, there’s a seashell bag to suit your needs. And while you won’t see us strapping on a clamshell bra anytime soon, you will certainly see us strutting with one of these eccentric bags in-tow.

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