Suede Mules for Spring

The mule. Is the name of this quintessential shoe just a coincidence? Just like the animal, it’s hardworking, enduring, sturdy. But the shoe has the upper hand because unlike the animal, it’s rather beautiful. The uncomplicated design, with a thick strap wrapping the bridge of the foot and a block heel as firm support, makes this minimal slip-on shoe practical, comfortable and wonderfully simple – a no-brainer, really.

Don’t get us wrong. In our eyes, the footwear world has infinite space for frills, decals, studs, tassels, you name it. But when we’ve got limited headspace, like on those mornings when we’ve pressed snooze an inexcusable amount of times and are running out the door, skipping most hygiene practices, we want a shoe we can trust, a shoe that requires no thought about how much walking or standing we’ll have to do that day, or what our plans are for that evening, a shoe that will go with anything. The mule, or ‘Old Reliable’ as it should be called, is just that.

There’s a reason this shoe keeps popping up on must-have lists for spring. Year after year, more and more of us fall in love with this effortlessly stylish, tirelessly comfortable piece of footwear. And so long as trend-setter Maryam Nassir Zadeh keeps churning them out in a delicious variety of vibrant colours and wild textures, we’ll be slipping our toes into these bad boys.

So, it’s good news if you’ve already invested in a pair of your own, and even better news this is your first foray into this genre of footwear. Whether you’re adding to your barren or picking your first pair, here are the best mules we’ve found on the web.

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