Swim Shorts That Are Basically Shorts

There’s really no reason why your swim shorts shouldn’t just look like normal, everyday shorts. Think about it. You’re killing two birds with one stone and you’re giving yourself an easy excuse not to fuss over your outfit whilst on holiday unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing.

Everyone knows there are two kinds of packers in this world: those who pack everything, just in case and those who pack the absolute minimum because, ew, stuff.

Well, these swim shorts are for the latter. If nothing makes you feel more sweaty than carrying extra stuff in a bag in 40 degree heat, these swim shorts are for you. If the last thing you want to do after a long day in the sun is get changed before smacking up the bar for an ice cold, fruity cocktail (you’re on holiday, everybody’s doing it) these swimmers are for you. If you don’t feel like planning ahead and because you might go swimming, or you just might not, these shorts are for you.

These swim shorts are still swim shorts. They’re made of quick drying material so it won’t be like taking a dunk in your khakis. Plus there’s the built-in mesh, which saves you from unpleasant and unnecessary layering in tropical heat.

There’s a pair to suite every style from preppy to post-hipster and they all do the trick of combining two holiday essentials.

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