Twelve Things to Buy From the Newly Redesigned V&A Museum Shop

The redesigned V&A Museum shop opened its doors to the public recently, but we got to take a sneak peak at the revitalised shop and all the wonderful products, works of art and souvenirs the V&A has added before the curtain was drawn back.

Designed in partnership with Friend and Co Architects, who won the contract after winning an international competition, the new shop sets out to marry form and function, with a new layout that emphasises not only the display of the items sold, but also the materials used in the construction.

Its industrial aesthetic leaves hints behind of how the shop was fitted, but the harsh angles and contrasting materials also work to enhance the existing beauty of the building’s original, ornate features. This technique also leaves an objective platform for shoppers to view, and touch the product.

‘Championing new design talent is something we continue to be passionate about’ said Sarah Sevier, Head of Retail. And this rings true throughout the store, which is filled with myriad products that have so obviously been conceived differently than what you’d find in any old gift shop.

Here are 12 pieces we saw in the new shop that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

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