Unique Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Enjoy

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we at The Serve have taken it upon ourselves to be totally, brutally frank with the gift ideas. Look, Dad doesn’t want another pair of cufflinks. When it comes to ‘what do I get Dad this year?’, we can assure you he doesn’t need another tie, he’s never going to wear that fitness tracker and that aftershave will never have more sentimental value than the macaroni necklace you made for him when you were five. You’d be better off getting him a pack of fresh socks – At least you know he’ll use them.

News flash: grown men with progeny like other things besides cars and barbecues and golf. It’s a crazy time, we know. But it’s also time to think beyond the first aisle at Boots, and choose something different, something unique, something that Bob, his next door neighbour wont have also received.

After all, these are our dads we’re talking about – the coolest old guys we know. So why not show them how appreciative you are with a gift that shows how much you’ve been paying attention all these years. Make this day all about him.

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