Unusual Bath Mats That Will Enliven Your Loo

Bath mats are probably the last thing anyone thinks about when decorating their home. The toilet is arguably the most neglected room in the home when it comes to décor, so it’s no wonder this element is so often overlooked. That is, until we discover, sometimes painfully, that our tiled floors are slippery when wet.

So, we pick the first plain beige or white mat we see, without realising the bath rug’s true potential to enliven our living spaces. There’s no reason your throne room shouldn’t feel regal. You’ll spend two whole years of your life in there, so why not make it characterful?

Your loo is probably the smallest room in your house, which works to your advantage. You can make big choices with minimal risk and it won’t affect the rest of your décor. That banana leaf wallpaper you’ve been dreaming of? Go for it. That aquarium toilet seat you’ve secretly wanted since you were a child? Have at it. That cow hide bath mat? What’s stopping you?

We say the bolder the better and if you’re looking for inspiration, Abyss & Habidecor‘s collection of striking bath mats will give you a decorgasm. But you don’t have to be a maximalist to appreciate an unusual bath mat. Make your bog more zen with Fluss Design’s felt stone mat, or Abnja’s hand-woven one. There’s a bath mat to suit all palettes and price points.

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