Vibrantly Illustrated Animal Cushions

Even if you consider yourself a minimalist, these animal cushions are bound to bring you joy. Adding a vibrant pillow or two to your home is the easiest way to give your living space a purse-friendly update. Think a cushion is insignificant? Think again. Soft furnishings can make all the difference in the world. They add colour, texture, plus these are, simply put, fun to look at. And since houseplants are all the rage these days, you might as well add some fauna to your flora – your own little menagerie, but you won’t find any vet bills or excess pet dander here. Just gorgeous, pro-looking decor, so long as you don’t whack them with the old (and oh-so-tired) karate chop. Save that for the next weird fitness craze, which will almost definitely involve some form of martial arts fusion. We’re willing to put money on that.

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